Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sick Baby

I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday because by the time Sophie went to bed I was just too worn out. She been very congested the last couple of days, but hasn't had a fever. Tuesday she seemed to feel a little worse, so we stayed home. The doctor wants to make sure that she gets enough formula each day, so I fed her often. She was fussier than normal but not overly cranky. Today, I had to take her to work for a few hours because my mom had a doctor's appointment. At 11:30, she took a bottle and fell asleep. I put her in the car seat and came home. She didn't wake up until 3pm. If I'd known she was going to sleep that long I could have stayed at work. Of course, she probably wouldn't have slept like that with all the noise.

She got this cool walker-thingy from her Uncle Bill and Aunt Cheri for Christmas. She really likes it but is a little unsteady actually walking with it. the wheels lock in place so that is how we keep it most of the time.

She doesn't look sick, does she? Fortunately, she's a pretty happy baby even with a cold!

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