Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day of School (with Matt)

Logan George has been so excited about starting the new school only because his cousin Matt will also be going to the same school.

We had meet-the-teacher last week and LG loves that his room is decorated in frogs which means lots of green (his favorite color).
Mrs. Keller
The Back-to-School Fairy brought him a book before meeting the teacher and then left some Legos on the first morning.  Aunt Kelly also had a gift (a new DS game) to start the new school year.  We kept his same backpack and lunch box from last year but added some super-cool headphones for computer class and a matching towel for "brain break".  We also got a special hook to hang everything on.
I set LG's alarm but he turned it off before he went to sleep but he still got up without complaint.  I had prepped his lunch so I didn't have to do much in the morning.

 I found an interview sheet for the first day of school and had LG do part of it in the morning and the rest after school.  The red frame chalkboard came from Hallmark.  I took a couple of photos in front of the tree in our yard.  It will be neat to see the growth throughout the years.

Of course, LG went right into class without a hitch (since it was his second year to do this).  His teacher showed him where to hang his backpack and then posed for pictures with each student.

I think we are both really going to like his teacher.  She seems very nice and excited about the school year.  She's been doing this a while and it seems that she has some great ideas about the best ways to foster learning. And, of course, the frogs remind me of my Mamber!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day in the Life August 23rd

On the last weekday before school started, we did a "day in the life".  Paul was on a trip so it was just the kids and I.  Here's how it went:

I woke up at 7am and watched some television until the kids got up after 7:30.

They watched a show, snuggling in my bed until about 8:30 when we had breakfast and fed the pets.

Sophie Rose's Breakfast

Mommy's Breakfast

Logan George's Breakfast

The Kitty Krew's Breakfast

Then we got ready for the day.
Sophie Rose "reading" her new Bible

Making her bed

Gathering dirty clothes

Load of laundry for the day

The kids wanted to swim so we headed to the pool at 10am.

We came home at noon for lunch, then had rest time.

My sister was out-of-town so we picked up her dogs about 2pm and came home to play.

This is where Daisy spent most of her time.  The cats are behind that door.  I put the box there so she wouldn't drool and scratch the door.
At 4pm the kids watched a movie while I did some work around the house. At 5:30 I ordered pizza and we went out front to play.  We decided to stay there for a Picnic Pizza on the Porch.

At 7pm, I started bedtime routine, which includes baths, screen time, brushing teeth, stories and prayers.

Even Wrangler is ready to relax.

How Sophie Rose chooses to read her e-book.

Both kids went to bed at 8pm and I settled down to relax.  Of course, the dogs were a little crazy so I didn't get to sleep very well and they woke me up a couple of times too.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Fun Catch-Up

With the move this summer, things have been so crazy and I haven't been able to post like I want.  So here's all the fun we've had this summer:

1.  Father's Day:  Paul got so many compliments when he wore the Vadar shirt.  We took Paul to Medieval Times for dinner and their show.  He loved it and so did the kids.

2.  After swimming the kids still wanted to play in the water.  So I gave them a job cleaning up this storage cart for Aunt Kelly.

 3.  Everyone had a chance to play in the water tubs.


 4.  The boys had fun exploring the owl pellets we got a few months ago at Logan George's school.  They found lots of bones and made great guesses as to what kind of animal they came from.

5.  Now that the cousins live so close, we are getting to spend lots of time together.
6.  We got the cousins in swim lessons at the same time for 2 weeks at the local rec center.  They have all been doing a great job.

7.  Both kids attended VBS at Stonebridge UMC. I even caught Logan George singing during the closing session one day.
Crazy Hair Day!

Lunch in the car after VBS

And nap time!
8.  More from our Summer Camp at Home, lots of bug activities.
Bug flags and bug math

Bug Dice Game

Buggy Bingo

9.  Playing in the of our bucket list items.

10.  Notice the cast in the above photos...yes, Logan George broke his arm just 24 hours after moving into the new house.  He was riding his bike on the lot next door and fell over.  Paul felt really bad because he didn't think he was really hurt.  Aunt Kelly thought it might be dislocated.  Honestly, I was hoping it was broke and not sprained because with a break he gets a cast (and sprain would just mean wrapping it and me trying to keep him from using it).  He had the cast for 3 weeks and was a trouper through it all.
11. Speaking of the pediatric urgent care clinic...we made another trip there about 10 days later when Sophie Rose swallowed a coin.  Oh, yeah, then Logan George decided to pretend to do it too and accidentally swallowed 2 coins (he was trying to spit them out and inhaled before he spit and they went down). After speaking with the nurse and Sophie Rose complaining about her tummy hurting, we were at the clinic where an x-ray showed her coin was lodged in her esophagus.  We were sent to the hospital, but between the clinic door and the car she threw up and Paul realized she had thrown up the coin.  Yay!!  Logan George was fine, his coins were already in his intestines and just passed on their own.
12.  Having a new construction home surrounded by lots in varying degrees of construction means we have seen lots of creepy crawlies.  It started the weekend we moved in when Aunt Kelly found a snake in a bag that had been in our living room for 2 days.  I'd like to believe the snake got in the bag after it left my house (either in her car or her house).  Paul's seen a black widow spider (and he hates spiders).  I found a scorpion in the pantry.  At first I thought it was a dead spider, but it flipped it's tail when I touched it with the paper towel to throw it away.  At that point I started yelling "PAUL, PAUL, PAUL!"  He was in the garage so I told Logan George to get him.  LG goes to the garage and yells, "PAUL!"  Then I hear him say, "Don't walk, don't walk."  I guess I had conveyed the appropriate level of panic.  The pest people came within days to take care of everything.  He put out some sticky traps and we caught a mouse too.  Thankfully, most of what I see now is pretty small or dead!