Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dyeing Easter Eggs

We dyed eggs on the eve of Easter Sunday.  It was messy but the kids had fun and Logan George is excited to get all those hard boiled eggs to eat for breakfast.

We dyed some then painted the others with little sponges.

 This is what my fingers looked like afterwards...and that was after I used bleach to try to clean them.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sophie's Dance Party

One of the bloggers I read regularly had a recent post about playing with your kids.  I, like Kelly, sometimes struggle with the spontaneity of children's play.  I can seek out activities and gather supplies and definitely fill their time but sitting down on the floor with barbies, I don't last very long.  But this morning I got a reality-check of how important it is to be present for those play moments.  Sophie was entertaining herself so I turned on some music and started loading the dishwasher.  Sophie heard the music and came up and asked me, "Mommy, would you dance with me, please?"  How could I resist that?  I turned off the water and turned up the music and we danced.

We had so much fun!  And I could have orchestrated that dance party but it wouldn't have meant nearly as much to Sophie as her knowing I stopped what I was doing just to spin her around.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Day in the Life Tuesday March 2013

So I used a printout from Ali Edwards to keep notes about this days activities.  I didn't get as many pictures but I liked having more information about each hour.

6am: Sophie came in to snuggle about 2 minutes before the alarm went off and Logan joined us at 6:50.
7am:  Logan got ready for school, making his bed and having oatmeal for breakfast while Sophie did some puzzles.  Sophie had chocolate milk and I checked email while the kids watched a show.  They also fed the cats (their regular morning chore).

8am:  Sophie and I walked Logan to school then she watched a show while I folded some laundry and took a shower.
9am: I made the shopping list while Sophie did an art project.  Then she got dressed and straightened her room.
10am: Grocery shopping
11am: Lunch at Mimi's Cafe, Sophie chose this because she wanted a muffin.
12pm: Sophie did some Totschool and worked on puzzles.
1pm: Rest time for Sophie while I watched TV and cut out some stuff for Logan's teacher.
2pm:  I did some computer stuff while Sophie napped.
4pm:  We walked up to the school to get Logan.  Logan did homework and sight words.
5pm:  Logan played in his room while I gave Sophie a breathing treatment.

6pm: Dinner of leftovers, then the kids had screentime while I cleaned up the kitchen.

7pm: Logan ended up throwing a tantrum so he lost some of his screentime.  The kids did their evening chore while I worked on laundry, then Sophie took a bath. Logan did some speech activities.
8pm:  Both kids went to bed.  I got to watch TV, read through some blogs, and talked with my sister.
Paul got home after 10pm and I went to bed about 11pm.

Overheard during the day:
Sophie: I want a new toe. I don't like that big one with the boo-boo.
Logan:  Hey, Mom, can you take me to the mountains so I can yodel le he who?

My favorite moment was when Sophie came in to our room in the morning.  As she was getting into bed, she put her hand on my cheek and said, "Momma, you are so beautiful."

Friday, March 1, 2013

Random Kidstuff

Here's some randomness from the first couple of months of the year.

We had some snow/sleet but it didn't last very long, so I grabbed a bucket, filled it and put it in the freezer so Logan could play after school.

Sophie and I did some ceramic painting one day while Logan was at school.  She made 2 turtles for herself and a starfish for Logan.  I painted each of them a snake in honor of the Chinese New Year.
Sophie and I did an experiment to see how fast an ice cube would melt.  One cup had just the ice cube, one table salt, and one had rock salt.  The plain one was the slowest to melt.
Playing with ice.

Stacking fruit.

Lots and lots of building.

Upside down painting with the paper taped under the table.  She did some just sitting underneath and part of it while laying on some boxes so she was elevated enough to reach.

 Sophie and I made some sparkly snow paintings.  The paint is equal parts water, flour, and salt.  They took a long time to dry but Sophie enjoyed paint them.
Getting ready to stir.

Using a spoon to spread the paint.

Wet and sticky.

Love the texture.
After drying for 2 days.

The wind is blowing outside, too.  To pass some time, the kids had cotton ball races blowing them with straws.