Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

I've been saving boxes for several months so that I could make these big "blocks" for the kids. I wrapped them in plain white paper (donated from a doctor's office), then let the kids go crazy. They loved building towers and knocking them down. Okay, Logan built towers and Sophie knocked them down. Logan also made a roadway and used his cars on the boxes. Another time I will probably let them use crayons and decorate them.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mall Date Night

Chick-Fil-A was doing this promo Daddy Daughter Dinner Date so I decided that Paul would take Sophie for dinner and Logan and I would get something. Then we'd just hang out at the mall. The promo was a bust (probably because it was the mall Chick-Fil-A), but we still had fun on the carousel and eating Dippin' Dots.

Logan got to choose his meal. Pizza! Big surprise.

Watching the horses go by. I think they had as much fun watching as they did riding.

Hi, Mommy!

Going for a second time around!

Group shot using my new cellphone.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vacation Bible School: Pandamania

I decided to let Logan go to VBS at the church across the street from ours. Let's be honest, the theme was Pandas...he had to go. I was really concerned because it is the first time to leave him with someone other than family or Ms. Keri, and I wasn't going to be in the building. I met with the woman in charge the week before to just make sure she knew about my concerns. My biggest concerns are regarding his communication skills. I feel that I can understand him most of the time but I've been with him 24/7 for the last 6 months. I know how frustrating it can be when he isn't being understood and I wanted the workers to have that heads up. I felt much better after meeting with her. Of course, I still got teary when I dropped him off the first day. Thankfully, our friend Zoey went also and was in his group. He seemed to have fun ( as indicated by the fact that he didn't tell me he didn't want to go). The last day the children performed the songs they had learned for us in the sanctuary. Below are a couple of pictures of Logan. If we are facebook friends, I'll get some videos posted there.

In this picture, our friend Zoey is the girl on the left singing her heart out.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Logan refuses to sing or dance. Most of the time he even throws a fit if others try to dance or sing...thankfully for this performance he just stood there.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Science Museum with Friends

We invited our friends Zoey and Ms. Keri to join us the science museum. The kids enjoyed it and Zoey remembered being there before and knew exactly what she wanted to see.

Playing with the water stuff in the children's area.

Digging for dinosaur bones.

How tall am I?

Can we all fit in this footprint?

I promise Sophie went with us, but she doesn't stand still long enough to really get her picture. We had a good time although Sophie and Logan were getting tired at the end, and once that happens there is no turning back. Ha!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Tot School

I had really grand ideas to do lots of Tot School during the summer, but we were just too busy. And honestly, we all just needed some down time, with nothing particular to do except rest, relax, and play. I did do some things with them.

I printed off some worksheets from 1+1+1=1. We used dot markers on some and small blocks on others. I also used wipe-off crayons for coloring the laminated sheets. Some are lacing cards and puzzles.

Here's Logan using curling ribbon on the lacing card.

Putting the apple puzzle together.

We also sorted pom poms.

I had also picked up a couple of workbooks at the store and let the kids use those for coloring.

Sophie loved using the dry erase markers.

Logan did a great job with the dot markers, putting a dot on each of the apples on the letter A.

Sophie did a great job of putting dots all over the front and back of the paper. Ha!

Here is Logan using the Cool School Keyboard.

I also got some of my ideas from an email I get from here. Here is Sophie playing with "goop" aka cornstarch and water. She had so much fun with this and so did I. I've bought 3 big boxes of cornstarch so we can do it again.