Monday, January 11, 2010

Advent Calendars Three

Yes, we have 3 different advent calendars (and I found them all at Target). I got this one after Thanksgiving this year.

I put a small ornament in each spot. Every night Paul would help Sophie add that day's ornament to the mini tree in her room. Some of the ornaments I already, some I found this year, although finding ones small enough to fit inside was hard.

My sister has a stocking for her son that has a pocket on it that she was going to hang in his room. I liked that idea and then I found this advent countdown stocking.

So every night I would put a treat in the stocking for Sophie.

The first treat was this book called "I Can't Wait Until Christmas" where Big Bird does a different activity each week waiting for his Granny to come for Christmas.

And finally, I had a small banner calendar that I got last year. Sorry no picture, but it's made of felt with tiny numbered pockets, just big enough for a slip of paper. So for this one, I wrote down different activities for us to do each day. Sometimes the treat in the advent stocking would coordinate with the activity for the day. Below is a list of the activities (in no particular order) with some pictures.
  • Drive through the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights.

  • Use your nose to sniff out the holiday scents.

  • Put decorations on every door in the house.

  • Dress festively from head to toe.

  • Read a Christmas story with a grandparent.

  • Make gifts for the teachers.

  • Watch Charlie Brown Christmas movie.

  • Choose an angel from the Angle tree.

  • Decorate a gingerbread house.

  • Play with snow.

  • Send a holiday greeting to someone in the armed forces.

  • Create homemade cards to give to the grandparents.

  • Take donations to Prairie Paws Animal Shelter.

  • Visit a tree lot to see a real tree.

  • rite letter to Santa.

  • Hang your ornament on the tree. (The ornament was her treat for the day.)

  • Create a snow scape with whipped cream.

  • Visit Santa.

  • Sing "Happy Birthday" to the Baby Jesus. (This was on the day we had the birthday party for Jesus at preschool.)

  • Put out reindeer food.

  • Take the Labor & Delivery nurses at the hospital a special treat. (We did this on her 7 month birthday.)

  • Attend a tree lighting.

  • Make an ornament to give to someone special. We actually made a door hanger for Pastor Mike who was in the hospital.

  • Read a favorite Christmas book.

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