Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Santa Presents

When we finally made home from being snowed in at Paul's parents, we came in to see that Santa had not passed us by just because we were gone. Sophie had asked for a wagon, a cup with a straw, and clothes from Santa. he didn't get her clothes (he likes to leave that to the mommies), but he scored with the wagon. And there was a cup with a straw in her stocking.

Enjoying a ride around the house.

Loves to stand up.

She got several teething toys in her stocking.

The elephant is a "Fur Real" one and it blows kisses when you pet it's back. There was a panda bear one for MIC, too.

Sophie likes blocks, but I don't think these were such a hit. She usually just puts them in her mouth and these aren't the soft kind. But there are still really cute, they open up to reveal farm animals inside.

Giving her baby doll kisses. Santa always brings the girls a doll and the boys a car/truck (or some other type of vehicle).

Sophie enjoyed Christmas morning even if it was closer to 3pm.

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