Monday, December 29, 2008

To Test or Not to Test

At my first appointment with my regular OB, she told me that we would need to decide what kind of genetic testing we wanted if any. I had just assumed that because of my age I would have an amniocentesis, but my doctor stated it was a requirement and that we needed to look into everything and decide by the next appointment in December. She said to think about what we would do with the results if we did the tests as well as the amount of worry we would have if we didn't do the tests. I will admit I became a little obsessed (Paul's word). Here I was just 12 weeks pregnant and already feeling like I was making the most important decision of my child's life. What will I be like choosing a car seat or school?!? I did a lot of research getting information online, talking with my sister who is a Labor and Delivery nurse, the nurse at my OB office, and also talking with other women who had to make the same decisions. If you are one of those women I talked with, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story with me. I know that we each have to make a decision that is best for our families at that time and that no one answer is right for all.

Paul felt that ultimately it was my body and therefore he would support whatever I decided. I had finally come to a decision, but wanted/needed something else, so I called the nurse at the doctor's office again. I guess I just needed someone "in authority" to tell me I wasn't being stupid if I chose not to the tests. The nurse was very kind and a little surprised because as she said "I was one of the most well informed women she'd talked to." She also said that I seemed to be making a very logical and rational decision. Her final statement sealed it for me though. She said she didn't know if I was a Christian woman but if was to just pray and God would open the door for me. Her comments were the door that God opened for me.

I decided not to do any testing. We didn't do the quad screen panel or an amnio. We did have a sonogram at 18 weeks, but it was done by the OB's regular technician. We were given the option to have a sonogram done by a specialist, but chose not to. So far things look fine. We aren't in denial, we know there could still be problems, but from personal experience, we also know that there could be non-genetic problems. There are no guarantees and we will just play the hand we are dealt when that time comes. As always, if you would like more information, just ask. I'll be glad to share my story too.

It's a...

I had a doctor's appointment the 2nd of December and since my mom had just driven down from Michigan the doctor let her nurse do a sonogram. The nurse thought she saw a boy, but did say not to paint the nursery until after the official sonogram later in the month. Mom and I went shopping and got Paul a couple of Boy things. Mom had a great idea to hang the items on the tree in the front yard so Paul would see them when he got home. It took him a few minutes to understand but then he was so excited. Over the next couple of weeks he would call me just to go on and on about how he was having a son. I didn't tell many people since it was just 2 weeks until the official word, but I was definitely in a boy frame of mind.

(Fast forward to the 18th.)

I took my mom, step dad and Paul to the doctor's appointment. The tech did the sonogram first. As he was looking at stuff I thought I saw something, but it wasn't what I expected to see. I made the tech actually say the words "You're having a girl." Paul's response "You lied to me!" He was so disappointed and I felt bad for him. I know he really wanted a boy (since our adopted child will probably be a girl too). My mom was ecstatic but she tried to hide it. I had originally wanted a girl too but had grown to like the idea of one of each. I think Paul has finally gotten over it. He did concede that girls have cuter clothes, but still thinks there is way cooler boy bedding.

Now we have to start thinking about names. Ugh! We at least had some ideas for boys but neither of us has any for girls. so far the 50000+ Names book we got isn't helping. I'll be glad to take suggestions, but we are not telling what we decide on until she's born. That's the one piece of advice I've heard most often.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Belly Photo

Here is the first shot of my belly and no, I am not pushing it out! Some days I look pregnant and some days I don't. It's all in the clothes I wear. Speaking of clothes...thanksgo out to my sister-in-law Cheri for sharing her maternity clothes with me. She had a couple of pants and skirts and lots of tops. Unfortunately, the tops are mostly of the warm weather variety, so I'm set for the spring. I think the days of wearing my regular pants with the "belly sleeve" are over so I'm running out of options for my bottoms. It is so hard getting dressed in the morning, but I refuse to spend an outrageous amount of money of clothes I'll be wearing less than a year. I do hit the resale shop often, but pants are hard because I am so short. Thanks also go to mother-in-law Noi for hemming some for me. My mom is going to break out the sewing machine herself and whip me up some cute maternity clothes just like she did when she was prefnant with me.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Latest Pictures of Zeke

Here are some great shots of the little one. This is where we got the name of our blog. Paul would giggle anytime the doctor said the phrase "limb buds". On the trip we finally got to see those limb buds. At this appointment I also had bloodwork done and I was released to a regular OB. I also found out I'll probably only get 2 more sonograms. I know, lots of women only got 2 sonograms, but I have had 3 and I'm only 9 weeks pregnant!

3D Gummi Bear

Because I had some bleeding after my first sonogram, the doctor wanted me to take it easy. I took a few days off and just laid on the couch. She also wanted me to come back after a week. This is a 3D shot of the baby. I think it looks like a lizard, but the doctor says gummi bear. What do you think?

First Pics of our Little Limb Bud

We finally got the disc from the clinic with our sonogram pictures so here is the first pictures we saw. If you are like Paul you have no idea what you are looking at, but the doctor assures us that is a baby.

Monday, November 3, 2008

First Major Purchase

So this is a picture of one of our first major purchases. Paul has been saying for awhile now, "The next time I have to take my jeep into toget it fixed, we're trading in and getting spomething new." Of course, he said that 3 trips to the mechanic ago. Well, he'd had it this last time. At first we were just going to look at some cars to get an idea of what we might want. I was definitely not dressed for making a major purchase like a new car. We looked at a couple of other optins before we ended up at the Honda dealership. We started out looking at the Accord, but the CRV got about the same gas mileage and was the same price. The CRV was the winner since it is bigger and definitely more family friendly. My favorite feature is a built-in baby mirror that lets the driver see into the back seat. Our salesman was great and the dealership was very nice. It even had a cafe (which came in very handy when I decided that "now" was the best time to eat). Paul decided to take my Cherokee and let me drive th CRV. Guess this pregnancy has its advantages!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zaccheus Was a Wee Little Man

So, for now, until we know otherwise and can choose a name...we are calling our baby Zaccheus (or Zeke for short). We also refer to "it" as a him, because Paul really wants a boy. Zaccheus came from our dear little friend Hope who learned about him at school. I figure it is pretty fitting since Zaccheus was a tax collector and Paul is an accountant. As the post title says he was also a "wee little man" and Paul definitely isn't a basketball player. Once we find out for sure whether it is a boy or a girl, we'll come up with some real names.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How We Told Our Parents

Well, most people didn't even know we were doing fertility treatments so it was a big surprise. Paul was online with his brother Pete when the nurse called and I could see him start to type. I yelled to "Stop", that my mom had to be told first. I tried calling my stepdad first, but Mom answered so I just hung up. Then I had Paul him and once Briggs was on the phone I told him to sit Mom down and put me on speakerphone. THen I just blurted it out. Next thing I hear is Briggs saying she'll have to call me back when she could talk.

Next, we called Paul's parents. I thought there was a party going on with hundreds of people, the way his mom was hopping and hollering. After that it was my dad and sister, and then Paul's brother. we planned on waiting until after the actual doctor's appointment 2 weeks later, but I just kept telling people.

One last story...when I called my friend Jill to tell her I asked what she was doing first. She said "Cooking dinner" so I made sure she didn't have a knife in her hand before I dropped the bomb. Next thing she exclaims, "I just dropped the applesauce". I tried to warn her!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How We Found Out We Were Pregnant

Although this was our second attempt, I believed it hadn't worked again. We went 9 days after the procedure for blood work and the pregnancy test. we went in on Saturday morning and had to wait until 4pm to hear from the nurse. I finally called the office. When the nurse came on the line she told me my levels were over 300. Now that means nothing to me and she has this huge pause before she says "Congratulations, you're pregnant!" Of course, I started crying. Paul was on the computer in the office. I walked in there and handed him the phone. He assumed it was bad news and had to have the nurse repeat herself. He did a great job getting all the details from the nurse. We immediately had to leave to go pick up some prescriptions now that I was pregnant!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

First Post

No pictures to post yet, but will add some as soon as they are available. For those who don't know our story, we have wanted to be parents since we married just over 4 years ago. After trying on our own and with the help of doctors for almost 2 years, we decided that adoption was the way to go. Enter MIC...that's our nickname for the child we will eventually get from China. We have been waiting for MIC for over 2 years now and unfortunately the wait is getting longer. This past summer while other people were going to the beach or taking a Disneyland vacation, we were doing fertility treatments. Although we both consider this a miracle baby, it is by no means a surprise pregnancy. We worked very hard to get here.

I am about 8 weeks along, due May 17th. I have had 2 sonograms already (those pics will be posted once I get the disc from the doctor). As you may have read in Wrangler's blog, I have morning sickness all day long. I am taking some medicine which lets me eat, but for the most part I feel lousy. I am hoping that this will pass soon.

I wanted to set up a separate blog for the pregnancy because not everyone is going to care about all the stuff I plan to say in this one. I know my mom will love this since she lives in Michigan and can't be here to experience all of this with me. I will bring everyone up-to-date throughout the next few posts. Things like how Paul and I found out, how we told our parents, and how we came up with the name for this blog. Please feel free to contact me if you want more information about how we got here.