Thursday, April 25, 2013

Maw Susan's Green Thumb

I did not inherit my mom's natural ability to grow things like flowers, plants, and vegetables.  But I haven't denied my kids the opportunity to try themselves.  Of course, I do try to recruit Maw Susan to help.  The Easter Bunny brought the kids small green house containers where we planted zinnias and tomatoes.  While Maw Susan was visiting she helped the kids transfer the plants to larger pots.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Snack Time or Art Time

We enjoy eating here in the Walker house.  I also like to find ways to keep the kids entertained so...

1.  We created ice cream sundaes in waffle cones.

2.We made homemade butter with some leftover heavy cream I used in a recipe.

3.  Writing and painting with pudding.

4. We painted flour tortillas with food coloring gel.



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rolling Skating Party

One of our good friends had her birthday party at the local skating rink.  I remember having my own birthday party at a skating rink.  I used to love skating and found out that I still do.  Paul didn't look very steady out there but he did join in the races coming in...LAST.  Ha, ha!

Back in my day, they didn't have these awesome skate helpers.  The kids were able to get around and really enjoy themselves.

The Birthday Girl

We all had a great time, but my legs were so sore the next day.  I think it was a great workout and can't wait to go again.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kid Quotes & Random Pics

Sophie Rose:

Grown-up beds are very entertaining for grown-ups.

Logan is so smart 'cause he knows everything.

Teachers sleep in their beds because they don't want to stay at school all the time.

News are like noses, you can have good news or bad news.  Bad news would be if you spill your drink.

Sometimes when I meet new friends they're not nice because they have their own new friends.

I love playing with Daddy with his dices and his bad people.  (Upon further questioning, I learned more about these bad people.)  Not his friends, the toys, the little mens.

(After having apple dumplings for dessert) I didn't know apples could be's like Chinese.

If you take the pluggers off it might broke.  (talking about the ceiling fan)

Valentines is my favorite because (whispered) I love everyone.

I wish I could be a grandma.

When I grow up, I'm gonna be a cooker and cook chicken, and bacon chicken, and chicken with rice.

These high heels are killing me.

Logan George:

I forgot my voice. (explaining that he can't remember what he was about to tell me)

When you get dead, you don't talk, and you climb the tree and Jesus takes you to heaven.
This pirate stuff is killing me. (said after Sophie's high heel comment)

I'm drinky (aka thirsty).

Dessert is actually bessert.

His favorite eggs are "hard eggs" aka hard-boiled.

He was the original creator of calling electrical outlets "pluggers".

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Extravaganza

The Easter Bunny was very generous this year.

 But first he left a trail of glitter and confetti from the kids bedrooms to their baskets.

Sophie couldn't even be bothered to sit in the chair...she was on top of the table in seconds, checking out all the goodies.

Logan George was a little disappointed because the Easter Bunny didn't hide any eggs for them to find.  I remedied that by "texting" the bunny who came and hid some while we were at lunch (and before the grandparents showed up).