Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cave Crave

I created a cave for Sophie and I by putting a sheet over a folding table. She had so much fun playing in her cave. She brought a doll and a book with her. But her favorite was when the kitties tried to come in with us.


Sophie likes her blocks. Mostly she likes for me to stack them and for her to knock them down. Every once in a while I can convince her to stack them and let me knock them down.

Drum Counting

Sophie's loves her musical instruments. I got the paint can to do double duty...it holds everything and is also the drum. Today when she was drumming I starting counting. I also would drum and count and she would try to copy me.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Splash Park with Maw Susan

Maw Susan joined us at the splash park Friday. We also met up with a few of the moms and kids from the Luna group. Sophie loves the water and it was a great day to be outside, although it was chilly after a bit in the water.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Daddy Time

Sophie really wanted to go outside but it was too hot and then once the sun started setting I was trying to cook dinner...so as soon as Paul got home they went outside to play. She loves to play with her Daddy!

Here is Paul showing Sophie some Star Wars video. I guess she is her Daddy's girl after all!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sophie, Where's Your Nose?

New Boo Boo

Sophie went with me to church and ended up falling off a chair. She ended up scraping her eye and had a bump, but it actually didn't turn out that bad. It never really bruised and after just a couple of days it's almost unnoticeable.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gaylord Round 2

We took the cousins and Aunt Kelly to see the Alice in Wonderland exhibit at the Gaylord Texan.

Go Cowboys!

MIC Meal A1

She loves to play at the table (and Daddy lets her)!

Mouthful of jello

What a mess!

We tried a new Asian buffet. Paul liked and there was stuff for Sophie to eat. Luckily, they had a full table of desserts, otherwise I'd have starved. It was definitely not my favorite place. There were way too many dishes made from chicken feet. Yuck!

Welcome Home!

Paul went on a guys trip for a few days. We went to pick him up at the airport. Sophie was so excited to see her Daddy!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When the Sun Goes Down

It has been so hot here. We typically only go out in the mornings (and usually that involves water play). But I did notice that once the sun starts to go down, our backyard isn't so bad. We enjoyed some playtime with Daddy after he came home from work.

She's decided she likes the swing.

Hard Hat

When went to visit Grandad who stills looks terrible. He is still taking lots of medication and needs lots of rest. He fell asleep pretty quickly so then we just visited with Grandma. Sophie found this hat and loved playing with Daddy.

Fridge Phonics

Maw Susan gave Sophie these for Christmas. Until yesterday they had been on the fridge, but after seeing someone else's blog, I moved them to the dishwasher. I only get into the dishwasher a couple of times a day but I was in the fridge all the time so this is a much better location. Plus, I don't have to worry about losing pieces under the refrigerator (like my sister Kelly, who has letters stuck to the underneath part of her fridge).

Look at the belly on that baby!

Come on, Mom, just let me play and quit trying to take my picture!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Oatmeal for Breakfast

Sophie will still let me feed her if it is something she really likes. You know things like yogurt, applesauce, and ice cream, and until this morning oatmeal. But I guess she doesn't like oatmeal as much anymore. She wouldn't let me feed her, she wanted to do it herself so...

Still think she's "just so cute"?!? After breakfast, we went outside and hosed her off. I guess we won't be eating oatmeal as often for a while.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tot School: Egg Shapes

I've had these egg toys forever. In fact, one of the first times Paul and I kept Matthew we played with these all night. He would take them out of the basket and hand them to Paul one at a time. Once they were all out, Paul would give them back and Matthew would put them in the basket one at a time. They did this over and over and over...

Sophie didn't have quite as much fun but she did like tapping them together. That is something she learned from Ms. Suzanne in Special Interest.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tot School: Pom Poms

I bought a package of colorful pom poms at the dollar store. I used an empty snack container that has a lid. I put all the pom poms in the bottle before Sophie saw it. We spent 15 minutes playing with this tray.

The first thing she did was put the bottle to her mouth.

After a few minutes I took the lid off and showed her what was inside.

She then tried to put the lid on and off by herself. Took a bit to figure that one out though.

After I dumped all the pom poms out, she started putting them into the bottle. I'd try to name the color as she did it.

Here she is looking at them inside. She'd put a few in, then look, then say something (it made her voice sound funny).

Even though she saw me pour the pom poms out, she would stick her hand into the bottle and pull them out.

Once she figured out how to work the lid, she spent several minutes putting it on and taking it off.

At one point she even figured out that you can't pom poms into the bottle when the lid is on.

Here she is looking at all the pom poms in the tray.

After this she started putting the pom poms in her mouth, then trying to run from me, so I put the tray away. We'll get it out again another day.