Monday, April 27, 2009

Tattooed Belly Shots

Here are the latest pics of the belly. One of my teachers gave me belly tattoos (things that say whether it is a boy or girl, hand prints showing where to feel, etc.). I decided to save those for when I go to the hospital, but did choose some others for now.

In case you can't read it, this tattoo says "Hulk Smash". It is located at about the spot Sophie likes to kick out her foot and stretch. Feels very much like "Sophie Smash" to me!

Parents Reception

We held a parents reception just before I left on maternity leave so that I could make an official goodbye to the families. It was so cute to have the children come by and tell me "Happy Baby". I received about 500 diapers as well as a few other items. Parents also gave me advice, the best I heard was to leave the room when it was dad's turn with the baby, let him take it on for awhile, I'll deserve the break. A special thanks goes out to my assistant director Suzanne and my board chairperson Sharon for pulling the reception together.

Students Gifts

The children at school worked really hard to create gifts for me before I left for maternity leave. The teachers were so creative in coming up with these.

The Seniors had a memory box that had elephants made from their fingerprints on top. they also put together an advice book where each child told how to take care of a baby.

The Freshmen gave me a matted picture frame with each child's hand print on it.

The Sophomores created this blanket with each child's hand print. They also each painted a bib. Sophie shouldn't need anymore bibs now.

The Juniors created this card with a class picture and a mosaic flower on the front.

It will be very hard to miss the last couple of weeks of school and the year-end program. I love to see the children sing for their parents and to watch the seniors graduate.

Teachers Baby Shower

The teachers at school threw me a baby shower. It was very nice, each person was responsible for a different part of the refreshments. Lisa's punch was very good, and Veronica's fruit kabobs were great. They all pitched in and got the swing we wanted, plus they got other gifts individually. One of my favorites was a pair of baby high heels (style name Sophie). You can see them here at . A big thank you goes out to the teachers for such a lovely party!

The Pregnant Girls

Here I am with my sister Kelly. She is due 2 weeks before me but is scheduled for a c-section on April 28th. Unfortunately, neither of us will be attending the other's birth.