Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chinese Lantern Exhibit

During the State Fair, Paul took Logan to see the Chinese Lantern Festival.  Sophie was running a fever so she and I missed it.  Just after the fair ended they announced that they were going to stay through the end of the year.  We were able to all go in November and took Grandma too.

This dragon is made from dishes and silverware.

These were animatronic dinosaurs that moved and roared.


We had lunch with Paul's side of the family and then went to Kelly's for dinner.

Grandpa and Uncle Jack came out to Kelly's for Thanksgiving.  We decided to take the kids to a light display and since dad had his truck we all piled in the back.  The weather was great, just cool enough for coats and a blanket and we got to see all the displays up close.  It was a great evening together as a family.

Monday, November 19, 2012

More About Sophie

  • Taking off her shoes:  She takes her shoes off every chance she can.  She prefers barefoot even outside, whether hot or cold.
  • With Logan starting Kindergarten, Sophie had some separation anxiety.  It has been very odd since she was never like that before.

  • Fearless/climbs on everything:  She is completely fearless and loves to climb on everything.

  • Valentine's Day Goodies
  • Hiding whenever daddy comes home:  Both kids love to hide as soon as they hear the garage door opening.  Of course, they can't be quiet and their giggling gives them away. 
  •  This is where you can find Sophie first thing in the morning, watching a little TV.

  • Hanging out at the outside concert.
  •  This is how Sophie prefers to spend her sick days.

  •  Sophie's first day of Preschool at Kidspark.
 Playing with her new playdough Ice Cream Shoppe.

Showing off her dance moves.

Screentime with Mommy's tablet.

Hanging with Mommy.

Reading a princess journal at her vanity.
 Stacking little oranges.

Worn out from a visit with Grandma.
 Dollar store balloons.
 Playing at Abby's Playtown.

She didn't even realize she had drawn a moustache on herself.

Sophie got superglue on her eye.  It took a lot of mineral oil and time but we got it all off.  Months later she will still tell you how it happened.