Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Mommy Connection

I found the moms group on I requested to join and we went to the first event to meet the organizers. (You have to come to something first before you can actually join.) I didn't know what we were going to just that it was a rec center. Turned out to be Toddler Time. We were the first ones there and Sophie thought it was great to just crawl around the gym. I let her go down the slide into the ball pit, but had to really watch her in there since everything goes straight to her mouth.

After a little while several families showed up. Sophie was the youngest, and most were preschool age. She did enjoy this riding toy. If I had known what we were doing, I wouldn't have dressed her quite so cute...she got so dirty crawling around.

After a while, she started crawling after the ball pit balls. She almost get it and I would nudge it to keep her going. I was a little worried because there were a lot of older kids running around, but everyone seemed so nice.

This wouldn't be my first choice for an activity for us, because there was a whole lot for Sophie and for me it was almost like being at work on a rainy day with the kids playing in the Fellowship Hall. The group has 2-3 activities a week, plus Mom only outings, so there should be plenty for us to do.

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