Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Sneak Peek

I promise to post more pics but here is a sneak of our family on Halloween night.  The R2D2 was a little boy we met while trick-or-treating.

Look What I Can Do

Mommy was taking pictures of me just for fun.  Here I am on the right side of the chair...

Now on the left side...

And finally in the middle!

Mommy was trying to move me and I wanted to stand up.  The chair helped keep me balanced while mommy took the picture.

Pumpkin Faces

We took the small pumkins we got from the farm and used the pieces to create duifferent faces.  Sophie picked out her own parts.

The Woods UMC Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkins we got at the petting farm were small (they do that so that the kids can carry their own), so I took Sophie to this church that was selling pumkins to get a big one for Paul to carve.  If we ever leave our church this one will be the first we visit.  (no plans to change churches, just saying since this one is actually close to where we live).  The older couple that was manning the patch that day was very nice.  They took the picture of Sophie in the pumpkin cut out and helped me find a good spot to sit her for more pictures.

Playing With My Dumptruck

Paw Paw Briggs gave me a dumptruck (since that's what he likes to drive).  I had fun playing with it on the  floor.  Mommy kept trying to make me move by rolling it just out of my reach, but I just pitched a fit until she gave it back.

New Highchair

I decided it was time to get Sophie a highchair (we've been using the bumbo seat).  I had heard lots of good things about the type that just straps in to your regular dining chair, but didn't think it would work with our style of chairs.  When I went to the store the picture on the box had it using a chair that looked like ours.  Of course when I got it home and took it out we discovered that the one on the box must be larger/wider than ours.  I took it back and picked another.  I couldn't really decide and my mind was still set on the other kind, but this one does have an elephant on the cushion.  She seems to like it and I feel that she is safer in it so I can walk away to get something if I need to.