Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mommy's Baby Girl

Evening time right before bed is usually the most challenging part of Sophie's day. But some days she is just so happy, like this one. sometimes I give her the last bottle in our bed (and no, she doesn't sleep with us). If Paul isn't home yet (working late or playing soccer), I'll let her stay with me until he gets home. He's going to wake her up anyway, so I might as well enjoy her sweetness, too.

Grandad George

Sophie takes a little time to warm up to Grandad when we go visit, but once she does she's all smiles and so is he!
Paul's dad is having some health issues so we would appreciate your prayers. He has a doctor's appointment on the December 10th to get more information and hopefully determine a course of treatment. Thanks!

Sick Day!

Sophie had her first sick day. She had been fussy all evening and felt warm early in the morning so I took her temperature and she had a fever. Paul stayed with her until 10am so I could go open the preschool and get everything situated (the one day my assistant also had an appointment) then she and I stayed at home. I gave her motrin and the fever subsided. I also called the doctor since she's never been sick before. Their only real concern was that she get enough formula during the day. She ended drinking more than normal and eating about the same about of food. Other than the snotty nose (which she's had on and off all season) she seemed to feel fine. We just laid around on the couch, took a few naps, and ate...same thing I do when I'm sick.

Sophie's First Artwork

We let Sophie try out her new art table. And before anyone asks, no she is not selling this first masterpiece, you will just have to wait until she does more.
She decided plain, dry crayons just weren't the right medium for this piece so she added a little spittle to the mix.

Trying to Crawl

Wearing the ruffle bloomers Ms. gail got for me!

Sophie has been "fixin' to" crawl for about a month now. She will get up on all fours and can even pick up her knees and move them forward. She has just started picking up her hands but she just won't push them forward. Not crawling doesn't keep her from moving though. She rolls all over and scoots backwards, too.

Sitting Up

I haven't blogged in way too long. But I decided to take advantage of the nap today and get some done. Here are pictures of Sophie's latest accomplishment...Sitting Up!