Friday, June 19, 2009

Picture Me! Portraits

When we got the pictures done with Paul, we joined their Smiles Club. Along with other discounts, I can get Sophie's picture done everyday and get a FREE 8x10. We've been twice this week. The info to view the pics is below. Of course, Sophie is so stinkin' cute I want more than just the free 8x10!

Go to

Input our last name and the studio number 10896.

Each session has its own password/number.

06/17/2009 session number 102479

06/19/2009 session number 102488

Crazy Hair Day

Mom can be so mean! This is how she brushed it after my bath. You can really tell that some of it has fallen out. Mom says it will come back soon.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fathers Day Gift

Walmart was having a special so I decided to get pictures made of Sophie and Paul. They turned out great and he loved having them done. (By the way, HE wanted more than just the special so we spent more than I was planning, but they turned out great!)

Happy 1 Month

Although I would have like for her to be born on May 10th Mother's Day, coming on the 11th was just a good. December 11th is the anniversary of our adoption paper getting logged in in China. Each 11th we eat Chinese food, so now we'll be celebrating both our children with those fortune cookies each month.

Please notice the Chinese shoes Sophie has on. We bought those on our trip to San Francisco a couple of years ago. We got them for one of the nieces, but then figured out they were too small, so we just kept them. I didn't think I would find an outfit to go with them, but my Aunt Sadie sent me this yellow top that I paired with pink pants from Ella Kay. She was very cute.

By the way, I've already found next month's MIC Chinese meal outfit.


We didn't get many pictures, but I think someone else has more, so I'll update if I get them.

I wanted to get Sophie baptized on June 7th because the 6th is my birthday and what a great gift that would be. I believe that a baptism is mainly about having our church family make that commitment to help us raise her up in Christian love. Everyone is a "child of God" regardless of whether they have been baptized or not. I don't hold to the belief that you must be baptized to go to heaven, but I do believe that as church members (and therefore family) we have a responsibility to love others and help them grow in Christ. I want my child to know that love from our church family as well.

We invited the whole family to come for Sophie's baptism. We had Mom, Dad, George, Noi, Bill, Cheri, Kaitlyn, Ethan, Kelly, Matthew, Kalyn, Monica, Ozzy, Maya, Liz, and Levi, plus Mom's friend Anita. That morning Pastor Mike called and asked who all was coming. I told him everyone. Turns out he was throwing up and was afraid if he did the baptism he'd get Sophie sick. His said he'd still do it but that he didn't want to hold her, but left it up to me. I said that was fine. I really appreciate him staying at church just for us. He didn't look well, but he managed to get through it and then left. (I talked to him later in the day and he was feeling much better after taking some good meds.)

Mom saw this gown at a shop in Tyler, but didn't get it at the time. Her friend Anita went back and got it for us. Mom added ribbon roses to it and also made the bonnet a little smaller to fit Sophie. I am going to have her name and the date embroidered on the dress, and hopefully Sophie will be able to do the same for her child.

We took the family out for lunch afterwards, so we changed her clothes. Please note the red socks she wore in honor of Pastor Mike (I'll post about that later).

It is also the church's 35th birthday. Our special birthday gift was 35 pennies, 35 nickels, and 35 dimes in Celebration of Sophie, in Memory of Baby Owen, and in Honor of all children Made In China.

Cousin Kalyn

Maw Susan and her grandbabies!

She really wants her pacifier!

Is she about to kiss Sophie?

Kohls Book and Toys

I love Kohl's! Every quarter they have books and plush toys for just $5 each, proceeds going to a kids charity. I buy these for the nieces and nephews as well as my own kids. They are a great deal and a good cause. This is what I got this month. Sophie (and MIC) will have plush animals to read with and to for all kinds of books. This book was really cute. The human character in the story has lots of pets just like us!

Daddy, Can I Have a Pony?

Paul has been looking at some lake properties to buy. He figures we could either build on it in the next few years, or if not then it would still be a great investment. When I pressed him about it further, he also admitted he wanted a place with land so he could get Sophie a horse. She can't even ask for the pony yet and he's already planning on a horse. (I'm vetoing the horse, no more animals.)

The funny thing about all this is when we went to look at some of the lots I noticed that across the street from one was...