Thursday, February 28, 2013

Library Sleepover

The last time Sophie and I went to the library, we found a book called Sophie and Sammy's Library Sleepover.  We read the book there (and so didn't check it out), but we decided to have our own sleepover with Logan that night.  In the story, Sophie gets to go to the library sleepover (where they don't actually spend the night), but her brother has to stay home.  Sophie knows how much Sammy would like it so they do their own version at home.

Sophie and Logan had so much fun and they've been asking to do it again just about everyday.  I decided we could a sleepover whenever we go to the library (generally every other week).  Last night we had our second library sleepover.  This time we did check out the book from the library and started our evening reading that one.
Sophie wanted to do the sleepover under the kitchen table so we put out a sleeping bag then the kids got their napmats and a special friend to join us.  Oh, yeah, and of course we needed flashlights (instead of candles).
Wiggling his toes
The next book we read had the kids moving and jumping and wiggling.  Since we were under a table, we had their stuffed friends do some of the movements instead.

Silly faces
Telling a secret
We finished the sleepover with one of Logan's favorite characters, Charlie and Lola.  Appropriate for ending a pretend sleepover before heading to a real bedtime!
The kids had a blast and it was a nice change from our normal routine.  I think Logan will get to choose the location next time.  And I'm going to have to buy that Sophie book!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Museum Visit

We decided to go to the science museum while Maw Susan and Paw Briggs were in town. It was very busy with class field trips but we ended up getting to see some of the other exhibits since Sophie couldn't stay in the childrens area the whole time.  We started in the dinosaur exhibit before heading to the children's area.

 The dino dig wasn't open when we first got there but opened just in time for Sophie to do some digging before we headed to pick up Logan.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Here's how we spent the day:
Since Logan had to have valentines for his class, of course Sophie wanted some too.  We actually got some free from Build-a-Bear so we used those.  I wrote her name on them and she helped fold them and close them with a sticker.  Then we took them out with us on Wednesday and she gave them to just about everyone she saw.
One of Logan's friends gave these to the teachers last year for valentines and I have been keeping my eyes open for them at the dollar store.  Whenever I saw them I would buy what ever they had in stock.  So this year we used them as his classmates valentines.  I found these printables on Pinterest.  I printed them on plain paper then cut them out and Logan glued them onto red cardstock. Then I punched a hole and tied them to the handle.  I had enough puzzles for all his teachers too.

Here's the kids Valentine's goodies.
It was a great day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

I took the kids to the local Asian market for their celebration.  They had a kung fu demonstration and the lion dances.


Then they brought out the dragon.  The whole thing ended with a huge string of firecrackers going off.

Not much to see, but very loud and noisy.
Logan took Red envelopes to school for his classmates.
I ordered these for the kids.  Luckily, they still had last year's left so Logan got the snake for this year and Sophie got the dragon with the traditional Chinese dress.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Spelling Test Success

Logan has been struggling with his sight words.  They started doing spelling tests 3 weeks ago and he's had absolutely no success with them...until today.  Today he got 4 out of 5 words correct.  I would have been happy with 3 because he has such test anxiety but I was over the moon with 4 (the 4 we worked on this week).  I told him we could go do whatever he wanted then gave him some ideas (chuck e. cheese, movies, bounce place).  He chose the bounce place so as soon as we got home from school we loaded up and headed to the mall.  They had so much fun (although after the stock show earlier Sophie was getting tired).




Sophie at the Stock Show

I decided to stop feeling guilty about doing stuff with Sophie while Logan was at school.  I'm just making sure he also gets time with me too.  Today, we headed to Fort Worth for the stock show.  We walked through the stalls looking at cows, pigs, and the children's barnyard.  Then we had some lunch while we watched a cow milking demonstration.  Then we found the petting zoo.

This was the smallest goat in the area and of course Sophie was all over it.  I finally convinced her to just sit down and let it come to her.  It climbed onto her lap and fell asleep.  Aww!
Afterwards, we headed to the carnival.  Sophie got to ride some rides and even played a game and won a prize.  On the first ride, she said, "I wish Logan could see this."  She was the only one on most the rides and we had no wait times at all.  There was one of them that she thought was too fast, and since she was the only one the operator just stopped it.

We had a little bit of time before we had to pick up Logan so we went to the science museum to play in the children's area.  We both had a lot of fun.