Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mommy's Baby Girl

Evening time right before bed is usually the most challenging part of Sophie's day. But some days she is just so happy, like this one. sometimes I give her the last bottle in our bed (and no, she doesn't sleep with us). If Paul isn't home yet (working late or playing soccer), I'll let her stay with me until he gets home. He's going to wake her up anyway, so I might as well enjoy her sweetness, too.

Grandad George

Sophie takes a little time to warm up to Grandad when we go visit, but once she does she's all smiles and so is he!
Paul's dad is having some health issues so we would appreciate your prayers. He has a doctor's appointment on the December 10th to get more information and hopefully determine a course of treatment. Thanks!

Sick Day!

Sophie had her first sick day. She had been fussy all evening and felt warm early in the morning so I took her temperature and she had a fever. Paul stayed with her until 10am so I could go open the preschool and get everything situated (the one day my assistant also had an appointment) then she and I stayed at home. I gave her motrin and the fever subsided. I also called the doctor since she's never been sick before. Their only real concern was that she get enough formula during the day. She ended drinking more than normal and eating about the same about of food. Other than the snotty nose (which she's had on and off all season) she seemed to feel fine. We just laid around on the couch, took a few naps, and ate...same thing I do when I'm sick.

Sophie's First Artwork

We let Sophie try out her new art table. And before anyone asks, no she is not selling this first masterpiece, you will just have to wait until she does more.
She decided plain, dry crayons just weren't the right medium for this piece so she added a little spittle to the mix.

Trying to Crawl

Wearing the ruffle bloomers Ms. gail got for me!

Sophie has been "fixin' to" crawl for about a month now. She will get up on all fours and can even pick up her knees and move them forward. She has just started picking up her hands but she just won't push them forward. Not crawling doesn't keep her from moving though. She rolls all over and scoots backwards, too.

Sitting Up

I haven't blogged in way too long. But I decided to take advantage of the nap today and get some done. Here are pictures of Sophie's latest accomplishment...Sitting Up!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Sneak Peek

I promise to post more pics but here is a sneak of our family on Halloween night.  The R2D2 was a little boy we met while trick-or-treating.

Look What I Can Do

Mommy was taking pictures of me just for fun.  Here I am on the right side of the chair...

Now on the left side...

And finally in the middle!

Mommy was trying to move me and I wanted to stand up.  The chair helped keep me balanced while mommy took the picture.

Pumpkin Faces

We took the small pumkins we got from the farm and used the pieces to create duifferent faces.  Sophie picked out her own parts.

The Woods UMC Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkins we got at the petting farm were small (they do that so that the kids can carry their own), so I took Sophie to this church that was selling pumkins to get a big one for Paul to carve.  If we ever leave our church this one will be the first we visit.  (no plans to change churches, just saying since this one is actually close to where we live).  The older couple that was manning the patch that day was very nice.  They took the picture of Sophie in the pumpkin cut out and helped me find a good spot to sit her for more pictures.

Playing With My Dumptruck

Paw Paw Briggs gave me a dumptruck (since that's what he likes to drive).  I had fun playing with it on the  floor.  Mommy kept trying to make me move by rolling it just out of my reach, but I just pitched a fit until she gave it back.

New Highchair

I decided it was time to get Sophie a highchair (we've been using the bumbo seat).  I had heard lots of good things about the type that just straps in to your regular dining chair, but didn't think it would work with our style of chairs.  When I went to the store the picture on the box had it using a chair that looked like ours.  Of course when I got it home and took it out we discovered that the one on the box must be larger/wider than ours.  I took it back and picked another.  I couldn't really decide and my mind was still set on the other kind, but this one does have an elephant on the cushion.  She seems to like it and I feel that she is safer in it so I can walk away to get something if I need to.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Green Meadows Petting Farm

I've gotten a flyer about this place every year at the Preschool but never really looked into it. Since it is so close to our house I checked out their website and liked what I saw. We decided to take Sophie so she could see the animals and we could get a pumpkin. I think Paul had more fun either me or Sophie. With the smaller animals you could go into the pens, some you could feed, and the big ones you just looked at. The first thing Paul had to do was pick up a turkey. The females are much better looking than the males. The males have great tail feathers, but their faces are terrible.

Next, he had to chase the ducks.

They had a separate pen with just mommy and baby goats. They were so cute. This is a momma who was just too tired to move (I know how she feels). Notice the baby inside the feed barrel.

Then we went into the pen with the goats and sheep. These we could feed (but only outside the fence, or else you'd get run over by the animals).

We saw a longhorn and a buffalo (or maybe it was a bison).

They had cows that you could milk. Paul thought that was the best.

I didn't milk the cow, but I did let Sophie pet it. This is a momma cow, we are touching it's belly where the calf is moving inside (it looked just like it did when I was pregnant with Sophie).

They had a show where they brought out a few animals and told you about them. They also had a horse that could add and subtract. Before the show we went by and saw a pen with 6 week old piglets in it. There were squealing so loud. Paul said they must be hungry. During the show we found out why. they were part of the pig races. The animal handler let them run from one pen to the other with a volunteer ringing a bell at the far pen (where the food was, obviously). This is Oreo, the pig we were routing for during the race.

They also have tractor hay rides through the park.

After the hay ride, we went to pick out our pumpkins. W got one for Sophie and one for MIC.

Star Wars Friends

I found out that Pottery Barn Kids was having a special promotional event with several Star Wars characters at the store. Since Paul is a huge Star Wars geek, we took Sophie to get her picture made with them. She was the youngest child there but we had a great time. It was so funny to watch the Storm Troopers get a little gaa gaa over a baby. Sophie wore her "Daddy's Little Princess" Leia onesie. Of course, since we were there anyway, I did a little shopping. I got Sophie a pink elephant backpack and lunchbox for the days we go to preschool. I also found a panda book for MIC and a Halloween one for Sophie.
Sophie's Princess Leia shirt.

Tyler Rose Gardens

It was a great day for the gardens, not too cold or too hot, and just a bit windy. We didn't get to see all the roses because I stayed on the paved paths and didn't go down the grassy aisles. You could tell it was the end of the season, several bushes were drying out. Sophie really enjoyed the fountain that they had, but then she loves bath time.