Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lake Park Fun

  1. Catching the waves with our buckets
  2. Finding seashells & rocks
  3. Sifting sand
  4. Chasing ducks & birds
  5. Eating snacks
  6. Throwing water back into the lake
  7. Whole beach all to ourselves
  8. Letting the wind blow all our bubbles
  9. Using driftwood as a car
  10. Kicking the waves
  11. Cross marks the treasure spot
  12. Burying sticks aka treasure

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sophie's Third Birthday

We had Sophie's party at a jumping place called Royal Bounce so we did a Princess-theme.

The birthday girl getting shy when we sang "Happy Birthday".  I was the same way when I was little.
 Because it was almost summer and we had boys and girls coming, I used buckets for the goody bags with balls, bubbles, and other small toys.

 The grandparents gave her a swingset.  Paw Briggs put it together and both kiddos loved it.

Sophie got sick right before her party and we had to re-schedule.  Thankfully, the bounce place was able to accomodate the new date and many of her friends were still able to join us.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Preschool Pictures

Here are some pictures from the kids at preschool this year.
Firetruck Visit
 Birthday Party for the Baby Jesus



Country Critters brought their mobile barn for the kids to explore.

Senior Picnic and Field Day

Getting the letter they mailed from school.

Crazy hair day!

Sophie wanted crazy hair, too.

Halloween Party

Super Logan and his friends
 Making Playdough Pumpkin Pies


Show and Tell

Water Day