Sunday, January 10, 2010

Letting Her Cry

My sweet little baby girl is in her crib crying as I write this post. Because she hasn't been feeling great, her schedule is completely off, she hasn't napped like she should or slept at night like usual. I am determined that she is not staying up until 10pm tonight, especially since she only got about an hour nap today. I know it is killing Paul to listen to her on the monitor but I want to give her a little time to try to go to sleep on her own. Never mind, I just heard Paul in there with her...didn't even last 15 minutes, the push-over.

Sophie stayed home with my mom yesterday so I could attend a funeral for one of my students grandfather. We were planning to go to church this morning but I decided to let her sleep and keep her in as much as we could. We did go to Paul's parents for lunch, and she enjoyed visiting with her Grandad and Grandma. I'm letting her stay home tomorrow with Maw Susan and hopefully we are seeing the last of this cold.

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jilljohnandhope said...

Sheesh, she looks exactly like you! Love it! She will figure out the sleeping thing. She is way better at it than Noah was, but now Noah is a dream sleeper. Down at 7, up at 7. I have no tips, only just to say, she will figure it out. I do love that Paul went to rescue her while you were typing! :-)