Thursday, December 6, 2012

Logan's Magical Birthday Party

We decided to do a family party and take the cousins to see a Magician for Logan's birthday.  Heather at the Arlington Improv was awesome.  She made the party invitations and had everything set up for us with his favorite colors.  The first magician had Logan help with one of the tricks, and both were very good.
Waiting to go.

The Amazing Logan and his assistant Sophie.

So Happy!!!
Logan's trick involved him making coins magically appear in a bucket until the magician finally made a quarter come out his nose (which he got to keep).  Logan has seen the show before and had an idea that he might be asked to come up.  He made me promise that I would go too.


Some of the other family got to participate too.

 Sophie was so in love with baby Gaven.  She wanted to hold him even though he's almost as big as her.
After the show we went into the dining area to have cake, open presents, and face painting.  I had 2 cakes.  One was just a plain cake but the other was an ice cream cake shaped like a bunny.  It was set up to look like it was coming out of a black hat.

Each child got a special wand and then we had goody bags that had a set of magic tricks (found these at the dollar store).
Since we chose to just have a family party, we took a special treat to school on his birthday for his classmates.  I used the same bags for both his friends and the party.  We put a paper cup, spoon, packet of hot cocoa and a baggie of ice cream cone shaped marshmallows in each bag.

Happy Birthday, Logan George!!

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