Monday, December 3, 2012

The Whole Poop

So, we've been working on potty training lately.  It's been a trying time and I realize that I am terrible at it.  And, also, that Sophie is way too smart for her own good.

I tried the potty boot camp method first, putting the potty seat in the living room, giving Sophie lots of fluids and letting her watch lots of TV.  Once the fluids started working, they worked fast...too fast, she couldn't get to the potty fast enough.  Then she figured out that it was all that juice and water making her go (and have the accidents) and refused to drink anymore.  She even caught on that it was all my fault, saying "The juice makes me tee tee and you just keep asking me, Sophie do you want some juice?  Do you water?  A caprisun?"

We had some setbacks, because of me.  I finally decided that I just had to bite the bullet and not worry so much about accidents when we were out or she was at preschool.  I also found that, although dresses were easier for her to go on her own, the mess was less when she wore pants, especially with the training pants instead of regular panties.  The other problem we have is that Sophie doesn't go and hide when she potties and she doesn't care that she's wet or dirty.  But I did figure out her "code".  I'd ask her if I could check when she'd tell me she was dry.  If she told me "no, don't check", that meant she was already wet.

One day we were out, visiting museums.  I expected and was prepared for accidents since we were gone awhile and many miles from home.  As we were leaving I told Sophie we were going to go to the restroom and everyone was going to try to go potty before we left since we had at least half an hour drive.  She looked up at me and said, "Momma, I'm just going to tell you the truth...I wet."  I had to laugh.  She's such a character!

Here's a recent conversation we had in the bathroom.
Sophie:  Mommy, my poop is just a little bit green.
Me:  Yes, it is.
S:  It's supposed to be brown.  Why is it green?
M:  I'm not sure...probably something you ate.
S:  Maybe it was 'cause it changed to glowy.
M:  I'm pretty sure it doesn't glow.
S:  Maybe 'cause my butt's green.
At this point she washed her hands and returned to playing.

Glad to know she's not fazed bt much.

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