Sunday, December 16, 2012

Children's Activities

In an effort to curb Sophie's television obsession and keep us all sane, I've been doing lots of activities with the kids.  Some came from the Productive Parenting emails I get, others from Pinterest.  Here's just a few:

  • Paper Clip Necklace (or Cowboy Lasso)
As a rainy day activity, give your child a box of paper clips and show your child how they can be hooked together. Encourage your child to make necklaces, bracelets, and chains using the paper clips. Your child can keep the creations, or be responsible for taking them apart and returning the paper clips to the box.

Sophie couldn't clip these together but Logan figured it out.  For Sophie I would help her clip them and then she played with them.  Her favorite was to use it like a lasso.

  • Painting Maracas

  • Height Comparison
Cut a length of rope the length of your child's body. Let your child take the rope around the house and find things about the same height and compare. Then see if your child can find things that are shorter, and things that are taller, using the rope to check each time.

  • Counting Days
  • Understanding future events is an ongoing process. Let your child mark off days on a calendar until an anticipated event, (vacation, birthday, playdate, etc.). Show your child how to make a slash mark or X on each day that passes, then count the number of days left until the big event. You can reinforce the days of the week and the name of the month with each passing day as well.

      I had some packing peanuts from one of the gifts I had shipped so I found this art project to do with some of them.  We also did an experiment to determine what would happen if you added water to a bowl full of them (they melt and turn to mush).

      Then we played I Spy.  I put the remaining peanuts in a big tub and each child got to choose 3 small toys to put in.  I made a list with the toys pictures and then the kids went searching for them.  When they found a toy they put a sticker next to it on their list.

      Fluffy Stuff made from cornstarch and shaving cream.  This was really cool especially when I sent them outside to have a "snowball fight".

      We had M&M's for dessert one night so the kids sorted them, made patterns, and even created pictures.


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