Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Christmas Express

I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to do it this year.
While the kids were bathing, I put these tickets on their pillows.  Then I told them we didn't have time for stories and to just go on to their beds.  Logan started whining (remember, he's a creature of habit and dislikes changes to his routine), so I very quickly got him to see the ticket.

Sophie kept calling hers a "dollar" and was very excited about that.  Then we loaded them in the car, punched their tickets and told them we were going to go see Christmas lights.

We went to Prairie Lights and had to wait for a bit as they were very busy.  But I had brought some cookies and drinks so the kids were patient enough.

Unfortunately, I only got one picture.  About half way through, it started pouring down rain.  It only lasted about 10 minutes, but that was enough to cause some sort of damage.  They ended up detouring us, so we cut through and left a bit early.  Even though we didn't see it all, we had a great time and the kids don't know any different.
There were a couple of funny moments:
1.  Sophie now calls lightening "blinky" and she is scared by it.
2.  They had a section that depicted the song "the 12 Days of Christmas" and Paul started singing it.  Logan added this to the 6th verse..."eggs".  Take a moment to sing it through and you'll figure it out.

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