Thursday, December 13, 2012

T-Tubes for Logan

Due to a build-up of fluid in Logan's ear drums. he's had some hearing loss.  His ENT doctor recommended long-acting tubes.  His first set last about 18 months.  I wasn't prepared to hear this, I was really hoping the hearing loss we saw in August was due to an ear infection he had at that time.  I also wasn't prepared to have this procedure wight in the middle of the holiday season.  Of course, within 2 days of the appointment, Logan again had an ear infection.  He ended up missing 4 days in 2 weeks, between doctor appointments, being sick and the procedure.

He played on his Leap Pad while we waited for the doctors.
 His surgery friend, Skippy Jon Jones.
 They put an oxygen monitor on his thumb.  It has a red light on it and it was one of these attached to his toe that caused him to completely lose it when he had surgery in 2011.  But we did fine today.
 He was being so sweet cuddled up to his friend, but every time I'd tried to take a picture he would give me a huge grin.

 The silly juice had definitely kicked in by now.  He kept wanting to get up but he was so woozy.


He did great and woke up with no problems.  He drank some juice and we were leaving the hospital about 3 hours after arrival.  On a side note...this day marks the 2 anniversary of when we met Logan.  Not much of a "Gotcha Day" celebration, huh?

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