Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sophie Randomness

These are just a few random moments with Sophie.

1. We visited some friends and the kids got to play with the dress-up clothes. Sophie doesn't have any dress-up stuff and her preschool room doesn't either (but she will next year). She enjoyed wearing this princess dress with the hard hat.

2. One of the first phrases Sophie said was "fix it". It could mean turning on the music, or refilling her cup, or just about anything else. I think it started in the car with the DVD player because I would ask Logan if I needed to "fix it" meaning hit the play button to get it started. One day I turned on the tv in the morning for Sophie and ESPN was on showing football stuff. The first thing Sophie said was "fix it". She's in for a rough time when her daddy becomes completely football-obsessed.

3. We use stickers A LOT! With all the doctor's visits we had with Logan, they have become a staple whenever we have to wait. Specifically, putting stickers on each other. The kids will choose a sticker and then put it somewhere my face (or Paul's). One afternoon, Sophie took all the stickers from a sheet we received as a gift from a "pen pal" in Japan and stuck them all over my hand. I called it "Toddler Henna".

4. We decided to take advantage of the cooler weather this weekend and go for a walk in the neighborhood. Logan pulled Sophie in the wagon for part of it but then she decided she wanted to walk...or more accurately RUN! She tripped and ended up scraping her face. It didn't look this bad at the time. Poor Sophie Rose!

5. Sophie loves television! I have tried to limit her watching but some days it just doesn't work. She wants to watch tv first thing when she wakes up (both in the morning and after nap). She will ask for specific shows and movies all day long. At first all she wanted was Fresh Beat Band. She even created a sign for it when she couldn't say it. Then it was all about the "bear" (which sounded an awful lot like beer). Bear is Kung Fu Panda in Sophie-ese. For awhile the only thing she specifically requested was "Susan" aka Monsters Vs. Aliens (so named because the main character's name is Susan just like her Maw Susan). Now she's an equal opportunity watcher. Some days it Kai-Lan or Wubbzy, other days it's Benji or Rapunzel. Of course, I'm stilling trying to find ways to limit it all, everyday.

6. Sophie loves all things soup. Paul usually orders soup at Italian restaurants and Sophie's been known to finish his bowl. We even ate at a Mexican place that brought out the beans in a large bowl with a lot of liquid/juice. Sophie took one look and announced she wanted "soup". She ate it up, even slurping it straight from the bowl.

7. When Logan first got here, Sophie resorted to biting him a few times. I was really worried she was doing it at preschool too, but the teachers assure me that's not so. I think with Logan she was just trying to communicate the only way she could at least the only way she thought he understood. I know that it's normal for her to do it, but we still worked hard to stop it and she hasn't bitten in months. Until we were visiting the cousins. She bite Kalyn twice while we were there, almost breaking the skin. I think it was just frustration, since they are both the same age, but I will definitely make sure her teachers know so that they can keep an eye out.

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