Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Day in Our Life

I decided I needed to do a "Day in the Life" post mostly because some days I just feel like we haven't done anything (or at least nothing productive). So here it is in bulleted form (because that's how I kept track of it during the day):

  • everyone up by 8am

  • the kids watched 2 shows while hanging out in mommy's room and eating cereal

  • at 9am got dressed and ready to run errands (grocery store and UPS)

  • done at store by 10:30 ( I had created shopping lists for the kids, cutting out pictures from the weekly ads and taping them to a piece of paper)

  • I unloaded groceries while the kids played with the tray activities I had set up on the tables

  • 11am Sophie requested a TV show while I did dishes and few other chores

  • 11:30am playtime with mommy

  • 12pm more play while I got lunch ready

  • lunch at 12:30pm

  • naptime at 1pm after potty and a story

  • I got some TV time and did some cleaning

  • Logan got up a little after 3 & moped around (which is normal for him) then decided to do some activities before asking for TV

  • Sophie up at 4, little snuggle time then TV while I put away laundry & Logan played in his room

  • 4:30 snacktime while I made dinner for tomorrow

  • 5pm outside time

  • 5:30 back inside for play while I started dinner

  • dinner at 6:30

  • Logan ended up in his room for playing at table so Sophie got to play on the computer

  • Logan finally decided to join us and got to play on the computer too

  • 7:30 ice cream outside

  • 8pm got kids ready for bed

  • 8:30 kids in bed

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