Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ghengis Grill

We used to be so good about eating Chinese food on the 11th each month, but we've been lax since we got our approval (before we even left for China). We do eat more Chinese food though because I actually cook some now. But we still try to go out occassionally.

We took the kids to Ghengis Grill (it was Logan's first time, but Sophie's been before). Logan took these first 2 pictures.

I love the little girl in the background. I'm sure if they took any pictures they would have ended up with the same thing, since Sophie was looking over the wall at them.

I took all these pictures with my cell phone and got to play around with some of the special effects.

Logan liked his bowl.

And Sophie loved hers (and Daddy's and Logan's and Mommy's)!

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