Monday, August 8, 2011

Nighttime Antics

Logan seems to be adjusting well, although our night times are interesting. This has been the least consistent aspect of the transition. Meaning the routine and what he wants changes about every 3-4 weeks. Here are just a few things we've seen: side table light on, side table light off, no nightlight, door open (this one is the only thing that hasn't changed until recently), no star wars sheets, star wars sheets okay, various stuffed animals that must be in the bed or not at all, must be wearing socks. For the most part he's slept through the night, okay may half the time he's slept through the night and the other half he'll get up once, but will go back to bed easily. About 2 months ago we figured out that instead of coming to our bed and waking us up, he was just laying back down and going to sleep...on the floor in our room, on the chair, on the couch. We tried several things because I didn't want him roaming during the night. Thankfully, we've found a solution, but not before I found several (almost 40) photos on my camera, most taken during his nighttime escapades. Below is what he was apparently doing while we all slept.

He would also go into Sophie's room and put toys in her crib. Such a sweet brother! Rummage through my bag for gum and Sonic peppermints. Midnight snack, I guess! Pour himself a glass of water. But not without spilling some first!

I am very glad that we have found a solution that we all can live and sleep with. He has stayed in his room and not woken up during the night for the last 3 nights. Oh, great, I probably just jinxed it!

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