Monday, August 15, 2011

Logan Randomness

Here's some stuff of about our Logan.

1. We visited some friends this summer who have a play area upstairs. The kids got quiet, you know...too quiet and so this is what I found when we checked on them, Logan had helped Sophie climb into their baby's crib then got in himself. (Thanks for teaching her that trick.) Then he stuck his legs through the slats...and got STUCK! He has really knobby knees so it took a lot of maneuvering to get him out. And yes, I did leave him stuck to go get the camera and take a picture. Sophie's just crying because he was.

2. Logan does NOT like to sing or dance, AT ALL! Most of the time he doesn't even want anyone else to sing and dance. But one day in the bathtub after I told them to put away the toys, I hear what sounds like a tune. Because of his speech it took me a while to figure out what he was singing, but once I did I had to let his teachers know. He was singing the "Clean-up Song". Love it!

3. Both kids enjoy playing with Sophie's dollhouse. The other day Logan put Dollhouse Mommy and Daddy in "timeout, 2 minutes" because they had been standing on the table. I love that they were doing what Sophie is usually doing when she gets time out and that they got her time (if Logan gets time out it's for 4 minutes).

4. I don't think Logan has figured out whether he really likes having a little sister or not. I never know if they are going to play together well or just fight or if they are going to want to be in separate rooms. But I do love to see them enjoying each other, like this day when he let her ride on his back.

5. I've always thought it was strange how some of the kids shows will ask questions of the viewers, even pausing to give them time to answer. If you don't know what I'm talking about watch just about anything on Nick Jr. and you get the idea. I guess I found it weird because I'd never seen a child actually respond...until last week. Logan has started to answer the questions and respond. I still think it's cheesy but I love that he's talking and practicing his speech.

6. Speaking of Logan's speech, he has come so far with the speech therapy. I don't always notice the progress but others have pointed it out to me. Lately, he has gotten extremely frustrated when I don't understand what he's saying. He also gets mad if I don't repeat what he says. This is because I typically repeat everything he says, if I understand it (to confirmation that I do understand it and also to give him another opportunity to hear it said correctly). I think he has figured out that if I don't repeat it, it means I don't know what he said. And my general, non-specific "um, yes, I see" or nod of the head just doesn't cut it anymore).

7. Like so many children I know Logan also demands to see every picture immediately after its taken. He has finally learned that he has to be still so I can take or else there's nothing to see. But if he sees the camera, he will immediatly say "I want to see it", smile and wait for me to take a picture. Good thing he such a cutie!

8. I talked in a previous post about Logan's sleep issues. He is a little obsessed with "night, night". If I talk about almost any activity during the day he wants to know if night night happens after it. For example, coming home from summer camp (where he's just woken from nap 30 minutes earlier), I'll say, "we'll have a snack as soon as we get home". His response, "and then go night, night?" I can explain that he went night night at camp and no he doesn't have night night after snack. He'll usually press me for what is going to happen after snack, only to then ask again about night night when I tell him the next activity. As you can imagine, this could continue until "yes, then night, night!" Thankfully, I can typically distract him from continuing down this line by starting to sing and "car dance"...both things that drive him crazy.

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