Sunday, October 12, 2008

How We Found Out We Were Pregnant

Although this was our second attempt, I believed it hadn't worked again. We went 9 days after the procedure for blood work and the pregnancy test. we went in on Saturday morning and had to wait until 4pm to hear from the nurse. I finally called the office. When the nurse came on the line she told me my levels were over 300. Now that means nothing to me and she has this huge pause before she says "Congratulations, you're pregnant!" Of course, I started crying. Paul was on the computer in the office. I walked in there and handed him the phone. He assumed it was bad news and had to have the nurse repeat herself. He did a great job getting all the details from the nurse. We immediately had to leave to go pick up some prescriptions now that I was pregnant!

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jilljohnandhope said...

Look! Little Limb Bud grew some fingers this week! Grow Baby Grow!