Monday, November 3, 2008

First Major Purchase

So this is a picture of one of our first major purchases. Paul has been saying for awhile now, "The next time I have to take my jeep into toget it fixed, we're trading in and getting spomething new." Of course, he said that 3 trips to the mechanic ago. Well, he'd had it this last time. At first we were just going to look at some cars to get an idea of what we might want. I was definitely not dressed for making a major purchase like a new car. We looked at a couple of other optins before we ended up at the Honda dealership. We started out looking at the Accord, but the CRV got about the same gas mileage and was the same price. The CRV was the winner since it is bigger and definitely more family friendly. My favorite feature is a built-in baby mirror that lets the driver see into the back seat. Our salesman was great and the dealership was very nice. It even had a cafe (which came in very handy when I decided that "now" was the best time to eat). Paul decided to take my Cherokee and let me drive th CRV. Guess this pregnancy has its advantages!

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