Monday, December 29, 2008

It's a...

I had a doctor's appointment the 2nd of December and since my mom had just driven down from Michigan the doctor let her nurse do a sonogram. The nurse thought she saw a boy, but did say not to paint the nursery until after the official sonogram later in the month. Mom and I went shopping and got Paul a couple of Boy things. Mom had a great idea to hang the items on the tree in the front yard so Paul would see them when he got home. It took him a few minutes to understand but then he was so excited. Over the next couple of weeks he would call me just to go on and on about how he was having a son. I didn't tell many people since it was just 2 weeks until the official word, but I was definitely in a boy frame of mind.

(Fast forward to the 18th.)

I took my mom, step dad and Paul to the doctor's appointment. The tech did the sonogram first. As he was looking at stuff I thought I saw something, but it wasn't what I expected to see. I made the tech actually say the words "You're having a girl." Paul's response "You lied to me!" He was so disappointed and I felt bad for him. I know he really wanted a boy (since our adopted child will probably be a girl too). My mom was ecstatic but she tried to hide it. I had originally wanted a girl too but had grown to like the idea of one of each. I think Paul has finally gotten over it. He did concede that girls have cuter clothes, but still thinks there is way cooler boy bedding.

Now we have to start thinking about names. Ugh! We at least had some ideas for boys but neither of us has any for girls. so far the 50000+ Names book we got isn't helping. I'll be glad to take suggestions, but we are not telling what we decide on until she's born. That's the one piece of advice I've heard most often.

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