Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How We Told Our Parents

Well, most people didn't even know we were doing fertility treatments so it was a big surprise. Paul was online with his brother Pete when the nurse called and I could see him start to type. I yelled to "Stop", that my mom had to be told first. I tried calling my stepdad first, but Mom answered so I just hung up. Then I had Paul him and once Briggs was on the phone I told him to sit Mom down and put me on speakerphone. THen I just blurted it out. Next thing I hear is Briggs saying she'll have to call me back when she could talk.

Next, we called Paul's parents. I thought there was a party going on with hundreds of people, the way his mom was hopping and hollering. After that it was my dad and sister, and then Paul's brother. we planned on waiting until after the actual doctor's appointment 2 weeks later, but I just kept telling people.

One last story...when I called my friend Jill to tell her I asked what she was doing first. She said "Cooking dinner" so I made sure she didn't have a knife in her hand before I dropped the bomb. Next thing she exclaims, "I just dropped the applesauce". I tried to warn her!

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