Monday, December 29, 2008

To Test or Not to Test

At my first appointment with my regular OB, she told me that we would need to decide what kind of genetic testing we wanted if any. I had just assumed that because of my age I would have an amniocentesis, but my doctor stated it was a requirement and that we needed to look into everything and decide by the next appointment in December. She said to think about what we would do with the results if we did the tests as well as the amount of worry we would have if we didn't do the tests. I will admit I became a little obsessed (Paul's word). Here I was just 12 weeks pregnant and already feeling like I was making the most important decision of my child's life. What will I be like choosing a car seat or school?!? I did a lot of research getting information online, talking with my sister who is a Labor and Delivery nurse, the nurse at my OB office, and also talking with other women who had to make the same decisions. If you are one of those women I talked with, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story with me. I know that we each have to make a decision that is best for our families at that time and that no one answer is right for all.

Paul felt that ultimately it was my body and therefore he would support whatever I decided. I had finally come to a decision, but wanted/needed something else, so I called the nurse at the doctor's office again. I guess I just needed someone "in authority" to tell me I wasn't being stupid if I chose not to the tests. The nurse was very kind and a little surprised because as she said "I was one of the most well informed women she'd talked to." She also said that I seemed to be making a very logical and rational decision. Her final statement sealed it for me though. She said she didn't know if I was a Christian woman but if was to just pray and God would open the door for me. Her comments were the door that God opened for me.

I decided not to do any testing. We didn't do the quad screen panel or an amnio. We did have a sonogram at 18 weeks, but it was done by the OB's regular technician. We were given the option to have a sonogram done by a specialist, but chose not to. So far things look fine. We aren't in denial, we know there could still be problems, but from personal experience, we also know that there could be non-genetic problems. There are no guarantees and we will just play the hand we are dealt when that time comes. As always, if you would like more information, just ask. I'll be glad to share my story too.

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klane365 said...

Congratulations!!! We are so very excited for you and Paul! Stand firm in your decision about testing. We has the difficult choice to make as well. It was the hardest and most hearfelt decision I have ever made! What is your actual due date?
Love and Laugh,