Friday, March 1, 2013

Random Kidstuff

Here's some randomness from the first couple of months of the year.

We had some snow/sleet but it didn't last very long, so I grabbed a bucket, filled it and put it in the freezer so Logan could play after school.

Sophie and I did some ceramic painting one day while Logan was at school.  She made 2 turtles for herself and a starfish for Logan.  I painted each of them a snake in honor of the Chinese New Year.
Sophie and I did an experiment to see how fast an ice cube would melt.  One cup had just the ice cube, one table salt, and one had rock salt.  The plain one was the slowest to melt.
Playing with ice.

Stacking fruit.

Lots and lots of building.

Upside down painting with the paper taped under the table.  She did some just sitting underneath and part of it while laying on some boxes so she was elevated enough to reach.

 Sophie and I made some sparkly snow paintings.  The paint is equal parts water, flour, and salt.  They took a long time to dry but Sophie enjoyed paint them.
Getting ready to stir.

Using a spoon to spread the paint.

Wet and sticky.

Love the texture.
After drying for 2 days.

The wind is blowing outside, too.  To pass some time, the kids had cotton ball races blowing them with straws.

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