Thursday, February 28, 2013

Library Sleepover

The last time Sophie and I went to the library, we found a book called Sophie and Sammy's Library Sleepover.  We read the book there (and so didn't check it out), but we decided to have our own sleepover with Logan that night.  In the story, Sophie gets to go to the library sleepover (where they don't actually spend the night), but her brother has to stay home.  Sophie knows how much Sammy would like it so they do their own version at home.

Sophie and Logan had so much fun and they've been asking to do it again just about everyday.  I decided we could a sleepover whenever we go to the library (generally every other week).  Last night we had our second library sleepover.  This time we did check out the book from the library and started our evening reading that one.
Sophie wanted to do the sleepover under the kitchen table so we put out a sleeping bag then the kids got their napmats and a special friend to join us.  Oh, yeah, and of course we needed flashlights (instead of candles).
Wiggling his toes
The next book we read had the kids moving and jumping and wiggling.  Since we were under a table, we had their stuffed friends do some of the movements instead.

Silly faces
Telling a secret
We finished the sleepover with one of Logan's favorite characters, Charlie and Lola.  Appropriate for ending a pretend sleepover before heading to a real bedtime!
The kids had a blast and it was a nice change from our normal routine.  I think Logan will get to choose the location next time.  And I'm going to have to buy that Sophie book!

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