Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Day in the Life Tuesday March 2013

So I used a printout from Ali Edwards to keep notes about this days activities.  I didn't get as many pictures but I liked having more information about each hour.

6am: Sophie came in to snuggle about 2 minutes before the alarm went off and Logan joined us at 6:50.
7am:  Logan got ready for school, making his bed and having oatmeal for breakfast while Sophie did some puzzles.  Sophie had chocolate milk and I checked email while the kids watched a show.  They also fed the cats (their regular morning chore).

8am:  Sophie and I walked Logan to school then she watched a show while I folded some laundry and took a shower.
9am: I made the shopping list while Sophie did an art project.  Then she got dressed and straightened her room.
10am: Grocery shopping
11am: Lunch at Mimi's Cafe, Sophie chose this because she wanted a muffin.
12pm: Sophie did some Totschool and worked on puzzles.
1pm: Rest time for Sophie while I watched TV and cut out some stuff for Logan's teacher.
2pm:  I did some computer stuff while Sophie napped.
4pm:  We walked up to the school to get Logan.  Logan did homework and sight words.
5pm:  Logan played in his room while I gave Sophie a breathing treatment.

6pm: Dinner of leftovers, then the kids had screentime while I cleaned up the kitchen.

7pm: Logan ended up throwing a tantrum so he lost some of his screentime.  The kids did their evening chore while I worked on laundry, then Sophie took a bath. Logan did some speech activities.
8pm:  Both kids went to bed.  I got to watch TV, read through some blogs, and talked with my sister.
Paul got home after 10pm and I went to bed about 11pm.

Overheard during the day:
Sophie: I want a new toe. I don't like that big one with the boo-boo.
Logan:  Hey, Mom, can you take me to the mountains so I can yodel le he who?

My favorite moment was when Sophie came in to our room in the morning.  As she was getting into bed, she put her hand on my cheek and said, "Momma, you are so beautiful."

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