Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sophie's Dance Party

One of the bloggers I read regularly had a recent post about playing with your kids.  I, like Kelly, sometimes struggle with the spontaneity of children's play.  I can seek out activities and gather supplies and definitely fill their time but sitting down on the floor with barbies, I don't last very long.  But this morning I got a reality-check of how important it is to be present for those play moments.  Sophie was entertaining herself so I turned on some music and started loading the dishwasher.  Sophie heard the music and came up and asked me, "Mommy, would you dance with me, please?"  How could I resist that?  I turned off the water and turned up the music and we danced.

We had so much fun!  And I could have orchestrated that dance party but it wouldn't have meant nearly as much to Sophie as her knowing I stopped what I was doing just to spin her around.

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