Monday, October 22, 2012

Tyler Rose Festival Weekend

The kids and I went to East Texas for the Tyler Rose Festival.  Although we've been to the rose gardens each year, this was the first time we were there during the festival.  We started with the parade on Saturday.  This year's theme was Indochine so there were several Asian-themed floats.  And of course, there were clowns, bands, and candy.

Sophie doesn't like to have the sun in her eyes so she ended up laying down and covering up for a lot of the parade.  She even shared a sweet moment with her cousin, Kalyn.

On Sunday, Maw Susan met us at the gardens to look at the roses.  I let Logan stay with Aunt Kelly and brought Kalyn instead.

This was a really cool rose.  It looked like it was a white rose that had been splattered painted with pink paint.

I wanted to go through the exhibit hall and see all the Indochine decorations but they weren't open yet.  Maybe they will still be up the next time we are in Tyler and can go to the museum.


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