Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CCCWA Dinner

There were several delegates in town from CCCWA which is the Chinese government adoption agency.  Gladney hosted them and families for a dinner.  Because Paul had to work, Logan and I went by ourselves.  We had dinner at a Mexican place downtown.  We got there before the delegates or Gladney staff so when they started coming in the delegates immediately came over to Logan speaking to him in Chinese and touching him.  He kept looking at me, asking why they were touching him.  After relaxed a bit after I explained who they were.  It was a really nice evening.  Several of the delegates had special gifts for the families.  We sat across from a family with a daughter a year younger than Logan who lives where we will probably be moving.  Logan only agreed to let me take his picture if he got to take mine.  (This is probably the most shots of me in any post.)

One of the delegates
 One of the coordinators
More delegates

 Another Gladney mom
 The head of CCCWA
 One of the Gladney staff members
 Logan and Mr. Wu, the head of the Asia Program at Gladney
Mr. Wu was definitely very instrumental in bringing Logan home! 

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