Friday, October 26, 2012

Sophie's Big Girl Room

I finally pulled out the actual toddler bedding for Sophie's room.  (I've just been using the crib sheets and same blankets, with a small camping pillow.)  Before we even had Sophie (back when we were just waiting for MIC), I chose this bedding because it would work for a girl or a boy.  And since we didn't know exactly how old MIC would be, I bought both the crib set and the toddler set.

By the way, the "flat sheet" in this set actually has elastic on one end.  How ingenious!  Why can't all sheets be like that?
Since I was in Sophie's room anyway, I pulled some toys, clothes, and shoes for donations, which included her changing pad.  This freed up some space, and this is what I did with it.
Sophie says she like her "new" room.

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