Friday, October 19, 2012

Princess Night

Chick-Fil-A had a special family night where the kids could come dressed as princesses or pirates and I decided to have a special night with Sophie.  We picked one of her dress-up princess outfits.  We got some food to eat while we waited in line for the carriage ride. Yes, a real carriage.  Unfortunately, we had to leave to pick up Logan before we could get on the carriage.  Sophie was disappointed but Paul promises to find a carriage for us to ride.  She did get a treasure box of special treats so it wasn't a complete bust.

 Giving her best princess wave.

Waiting somewhat patiently for the carriage ride.

One of the neat things about the evening was the the woman who does the storytime, Ms. Peggy was there and the first thing Sophie said when we walked in was "Where's Ms. Peggy?"  And then when she saw Ms. Peggy in her princess dress, Sophie couldn't wait to go up and tell her how pretty she was.

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