Sunday, October 30, 2011


My kids love lollipops. I blame Pastor Mike! He used to be in the lobby area at the end of the preschool day with ring pops and dum dum lollipops. Even though he isn't at the church anymore and the kids haven't had an after-preschool lollipop on 6 months, they still ask sometimes.

The kids have had ample opportunity to get their candy fix this month. We've been to a few Halloween carnivals plus we went to a parade, and all of these included lots of candy. The one thing both kids ask for once we get home is a lollipop.

We went to a local church last night for their Party in the Patch (unfortunately, I only got one picture). The kids had fun and loved that they got candy as a prize at each of the games. Of course their favorite is the lollipop pull, they get a prize and a lollipop!

Here's Logan doing the Hoop Toss.

I actually don't mind that the kids want a lollipop. As far as candy goes, I think they are the easiest. They don't melt or get squished in my bag. They are contained, no individual pieces to go flying everywhere when Sophie tries to open the wrapper. I can tell pretty quickly if they are done by that "empty" white stick. They are sticky, but that's not nearly as messy as melted chocolate.

I imagine the kids fantasy trick-or-treat stash would be all lollipops...dum dums, tootsie pops, blow pops. They are going to be so disappointed Halloween night!

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