Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We took the kids to the Trunk or Treat Carnival at church the night before Halloween (stopping by Grandma's to show off our superhero costumes).

I had bought the capes, masks and wristbands during the summer for dress-up, then decided to just use them for Halloween. Sophie's too young to really care what she dressed as and Logan has never done Halloween so I figured I had this year to do what I want. I asked my mom to create shirts to match the capes, then just added bottoms.

Super Logan!

These are some friends of ours. Their grandmother was really creative.

All the kids wanted was lollipops, so when given the chance they would search the bowls looking for them.

The kids had trick-or-treating at preschool on Monday. Since we had done the trunk or treat and Paul had to work late, we just stayed in on Halloween night and passed out candy. The kids enjoyed seeing all the costumed kids that came to the door. Well, Sophie didn't like the Scream mask that had blood flowing down it. She talked about that for days.

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