Friday, October 28, 2011

Green Meadows Petting Farm

I took the kids to a petting farm this week. They had a great time. It was the coldest day so far of the season and threatening rain so they didn't have the huge group of field trip kids and the owner showed us around first, then let us go where we want. They had several brand new these week old goats.

Sophie has no fear so she would go right up to the animals to pet them and love on them. She was so cute when she gave the babies a kiss.

They had cans of feed out and both kids loved feeding the llamas and goats. I wouldn't be surprised if the goats had a tummy ache after all the food they got. Logan didn't quite understand that we couldn't give them all the food in the 50 gallon can.

In addition to goats and llamas, we also so a huge hog, baby Vietnamese potbelly piglets, pregnant cows that we milked, and baby chicks. The kids tried to feed the chickens (but they didn't like that much), we only spent a second in the turkey pen (I didn't like them much), and cheered on some pigs in the pig races. It was a great day!

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