Sunday, January 30, 2011

Asia Times Square Fun

We took the kids to the local Asian market for their Chinese New Year celebration. We timed it so that we could walk around a bit (and maybe get something to eat) before the Lion Dance started. It was so funny...when we walked in my mom made a comment about the bad smell (she doesn't like Asian food) and I look down and Logan is rubbing his tummy giving the yummy sign. We got the kids some Vietnamese chicken soup and soymilk. Mom and I ate a green waffle (you might remember this New Year staple from last year's visit). There were several vendors in the mall area and we decided to let the kids get there faces painted.

Logan was a little unsure at first but he liked the end result.

We tried to do Sophie's face but she started crying. Then I noticed that they were doing these spray temporary tattoos so I got a panda (to go with the panda shirts the kids were wearing).

Maw Susan got a lion for her high school mascot.

And we managed to talk Sophie into a rose for her hand!

Then it was time for the Lion Dancers. Paul used to do this and I have always enjoyed watching them.

We ended up going back the next day so that Logan could get one of the tattoos. He noticed first thing in the morning that we still had ours but that his face painting had washed off in the bath.

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