Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy New Year

It is the Year of the Tiger! We went to the local Asian market near our house for their new year festival. We just walked around taking in all the sights and sounds (you gotta love a good Vietnamese band, right?) and then got some food.

Paul got food to take home, but I had these waffles while we were there. I have no idea why they are green but they were good. I didn't really let Sophie have any since I couldn't be sure what was in them.
This really cute little boy came up to her and wanted to say "hi" and touch her. It was funny, I think the parents were worried about how I would respond. She's not even 9 months already driving the boys crazy!
On Sunday, Sophie and I made "fortune cookies" using the Hello Kitty Fortune Cookie set she got for Christmas. Here she is getting the dough ready. (It was really just fondant.)

Pinching the sides.
We had to let them dry so we ate some today.

She really only got a taste. I thought they tasted pretty bad. I may update this post later in the week. Paul is thinking about taking her to see a lion dance.

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