Monday, July 19, 2010

Zoo & Train Ride

Sophie and I went to the zoo this morning. We've never made to the Texas part of the exhibits or ridden the train so that was the plan. Because we were going to ride the train, I really didn't want to take the stroller. I always said I would never, ever, never, ever put a leash on my child...never say never! I weighed the pros (and the only cons were my previous conviction not to do it and Paul's feelings of the same) and decided that at least for the zoo, it was a great idea. Here are the pros:
  1. I end up taking her in and out of the stroller so she can see the animals, now she'll be right there, no buckles or straps to mess with.
  2. The stroller is bulky and I hate to leave it off to side when my stuff is in it, now I can get closer to the exhibits without worrying about the stroller.
  3. Sophie loves to move, walk, run, climb, etc.; the harness gives her the freedom and option to do all of these.
  4. She and I are at those heights where holding her hand puts me in just a slightly slumped position; leash=no leaning over.
  5. Holding her hand can make her off balance at times; hands-free to keep her steady.
  6. In the enclosed areas, like the penguins and reptile museum, Sophie gets to lead me to what she wants to see.
  7. The harness I got has a small pocket where I can keep our zoo card and cash so I don't have to go searching the backpack when I need to get train tickets or a snack.
  8. Sophie is just so stinking cute, wearing a leash really doesn't change anything!

Paul hates the idea, but I don't have to use it if he's around...he can lean over or carry her wriggly body everywhere.

We had a great time. I ended up carrying her a lot because she was tired, but it was still easier than getting her in and out of the stroller. We didn't see the giraffes, but the gorillas were out and about. And she got really excited when the zebra started making noises!

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