Saturday, July 24, 2010

Head Trauma

Sophie has made another trip to the ER. While we were visiting my sister, she fell (while walking around) and hit her head on the kitchen tile. I heard it, immediately went to her, and there was already a bump sticking out of her head above her eye. She was crying pretty good and wouldn't let us apply an ice pack. I knew that having a bump was actually a good thing, but I couldn't remember anything else. Kelly knew it was probably okay, but she also saw that I was about to completely freak out. James was on his way home and got there by the time I got Sophie strapped in the car and a bag packed.

Kelly drove us to an after-hours ER clinic. As we were waiting to see the doctor, Sophie looks up and is all smiles and her normal happy self. I was feeling kind of silly about being there especially since the bump was already going down. We saw the doctor who assured us that everything would be fine. We just needed to pack sure she didn't throw up or pass out. He said the fact that she was fighting him while he was checking her out was a good sign. We headed home and she now has a nice purple bruise on her forehead.

We weren't home about an hour, when Kalyn fell on the kitchen and bite her lip, bleeding all over the place. At that point, we decided we should all go to bed and avoid any more mishaps.

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