Monday, July 19, 2010

Tot School: The Beginning

So there is a blogger who home schools all three of her children, one is a toddler, one a preschooler and one elementary age. If you know me, you know that homeschooling is not for me or my family, but I like some of her ideas. Basically, she came up with activities geared toward each of her kids to do during "school" time. The ideas for both the preschooler and toddler are similar to what I call table top toys at the Preschool. Because I sometimes feel like Sophie and I are always out and about, I like this idea of focused, intentional time together.

Sophie loves stickers and they keep her busy. I have to take them off the sheet but then she gets to stick them down. I got this sticker pack at Target today. It has a fold-out card that you add bakery stickers.

I took 10 straws and showed her how to put them in a large cup I found in the cabinet. She got bored with putting them into the cup fairly quick, but loved getting them back out so I could put them in again.

I raided MIC's closet and found these plastic spiders. Sophie and I worked on colors and sorting. Okay, I sorted by color, Sophie just put them in and out of the compartments.

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